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OPTIONAL CUSTOM BASEMAP: please fill the form or contact us.

A chipped, cleaned up, fully tested and ready to use, OBD1 Honda ECU equipped with/converted to VTEC, for many vehicles including Civic, Integra, Prelude, Accord, CR-V.

Compatible with D/B/H/F series Honda engines.

Attention - an adapter harness might be necessary if your engine harness is OBD0, OBD2A or OBD2B


CobraRTP Honda Edition R10.1 EEPROM Emulator

Real Time Programming + Datalog + Flex Fuel + Knock


Allows real-time mapping on a chipped Honda OBD0/OBD1 ECU

Installs in place of the EEPROM (no modification of the EEPROM support necessary)


Note: the knock detection system is limited in performance by the OBD1 hardware and HTS software, and therefore does not replace a professional solution.


Optional FlexFuel+Knock harness: 2-pieces (internal + external computer), shielded wire + EV1 Bosch connector for the knock sensor, 3-wire GM/Continental type connector for the Flex Fuel sensor (additional €80)



  • Real-Time Programming via USB
  • USB/Bluetooth Datalogging
  • Dual-map (dual mode pins)
  • Flex Fuel
  • Knock detection
  • 1 analog input 0-5V
  • Utility dedicated to card configuration (CobraRTP Utility)

Custom basemap


Get your CobraRTP equipped ECU with a pre-loaded HTS custom basemap, ready to fire up your engine according to the specs you provide us.


To get this service (+80€), please select: Custom basemap "YES". Then, before ordering, please fill the form attached with all your engine details so we can generate a basemap tailored for you.


If you select "No" for custom basemap, the CobraRTP ECU will be shipped pre-loaded with a D16Z6 HTS OEM basemap (untouched), used for testing the device after modifications.



1 ECU per order max (on request for +)


Contact to establish a quote for tailor-made mapping.

Delivered with the CN2 cable and an AUX cable (analog inputs)

Harness for Flex-Fuel and Knock sensors available as an option.

For use off public roads only.


Honda OBD1 ECU + CobraRTP R10 installed

    • P28 ou P06 ou equivalent converted to VTEC
    • Main capacitor changed (and other ones if necessary)
    • CN2 header install + J12 removed for datalogging
    • Fully tested
    • Engine info = engine code (ex. B16A2), injector size/model, MAP sensor, fuel pressure, etc.


    • Map settings: fuel (SP98/E85), revlimits, launch control rpm, revlimiter mode (fuel cut/ ignition cut), shiftlight rpm, cold safety cut, etc.


    • Custom basemaps are established according to the info provided by customer, based on a large custom map database tested on real cars, under real conditions. Please check carefully any info or contact us if you have any doubt.
    • A basemap, by definition, is a theorical map supposed to get as close as possible to the optimal fuel and timing tuning, however it doesn't substitute to a custom dyno/street tune for YOUR engine in particular. It is not recommended to use this map for any activity other than engine start-up.
    • Mirobuilds declines any responsability for damage caused by the use of custom basemap.
    • The customer commits to not use custom basemaps on open road.