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Take control.

Modify your Honda engine tune in one click with CobraRTP Honda Edition R9


Assembled in France.

Mirobuilds has partnered with CobraRTP to produce the Honda Edition R9 board locally to provide to France and Europe more efficiently.


The product remains unchanged: the unit will receive official software updates, and Mirobuilds scrupulously respects the test protocol provided by CobraRTP.

CobraRTP Honda Edition R9 - functionalities


The best thing you could do to your OBD1 ECU.

Whether you have a P28, P06, P30 or any other compatible OBD0/OBD1 ECU, the CobraRTP Honda Edition R9 EEPROM emulation system saves a lot of time when tuning a Honda engine, compared to using standard chips. Coupled with a wideband AFR sensor, an OBD1 Cobra-equipped ECU becomes a powerful mapping tool that could just compare to a modern standalone ECUs.

- New STM32 180MHz processor

- Bluetooth or USB data logging

- 3 programmable analog inputs

- Integrated dual-map (2 switchable maps)


Works best with Honda Tuning Suite.

The free software HTS (Honda Tuning Suite) allows the user to easily modify all the settings of a Honda OBD1 map, and to add some additional features such as launch control, boost controller and more.

By using HTS with a CobraRTP Honda Edition map, you can inject a new map at any time, directly from the software, while editing a map. Even better, enable Real-Time Update, and let the software automatically update the map every time you make a change!


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