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A new era of ECU

Step up with HOBDuino, a new modern and powerful Honda OBD1 engine management solution


HOBDuino v1, a new alternative to the P28.

Engineer and YouTuber Yaya And Cars has done a hard work of bringing the open-source Speeduino platform to 1988-2000 Hondas, to offer a plug-and-play and affordable alternative to OBD1 calculators which are becoming increasingly rare to find in good shape and expensive.

It is with great joy that Mirobuilds is now selling the result of this beautiful project, focused on the future of Honda mapping.

HOBDuino - functionalities


A high-performance alternative for high-level engine setups.

The HOBDuino is a very complete and versatile solution, natively integrating many functions that would require adding several cards and modules to a simple OBD1 ECU setup.

It is intended especially for people with advanced engine setups, who would like to use a boost controller, an AFR pressure gauge, several additional input sensors such as an EGT sensor, a knock sensor, etc. but can be perfectly suitable for an amateur wishing to overcome the constraints of OBD1 ECU hardware and to use a more advanced software than those available for the original computers.

-Based on the Arduino MEGA 2560

- VR conditioner tailored for Honda OBD1/2 distributors

- Boost controller, flex fuel, integrated Coil-on-plug

- Optional AFR Controller



Powered by TunerStudio.

TunerStudio from EFI Analytics is a flexible and very powerful tuning software. Find all the engine information in real time on the home screen (MAP, TPS, RPM, AFR, speed, etc.) and take control over all map settings through the many menus available to fine-tune each parameter in the slightest detail.

The free version allows changing all the parameters offered by the software, but the most powerful features are only accessible in the paid version, such as auto-tuner VE, high-speed datalogging, signal analyzer, etc.

All informations and download links are available on the Tunerstudio website.


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