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This new design adapts a PLCC32 SST 27SF512 EEPROM memory chip to DIP-28 format used in OBD1 Honda ECUs like P06, P08, P28, P30 and analogues.

The chip board features dual-map functionality: via a jumper or a switch wired to pin 2 and 3 on the top (ENABLE), you can choose between 2 whole different tuning maps stored in the memory.

Each chip is tested after assembly.
Available in purple, black, red, blue and green.

Optional switch kit.

Dual-map EEPROM chip for Honda ECU


    • Custom basemaps are established according to the engine characteristics entered in the form, starting from a database with real maps tested on car. Please therefore carefully check the information provided to avoid any surprise.
    • Regarding the rate of ethanol present in the E85 distributed in Europe, fluctuating greatly according to gas stations, regions and seasons, all basemaps are offered set for SP98 (RON 98).
    • A basemap, by definition, is a theoretical and approximate adjustment supposed to come as close as possible to the ideal tuning, but does not replace a custom tune. It is not recommended to push the engine to the max or to drive for a long period with a basemap.
    • Mirobuilds will therefore not be held responsible for any material or personal damage caused by the use of basemaps.
    • The user agrees not to use basemaps on open roads.