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NOTE: This item is not for public sale and should only be installed by an authorized dealer.


Extension board for CobraRTP R9.0 emulator


Allows you to transform your CobraRTP R9 into an R10 by adding the Flex Fuel, knock sensor and Bluetooth datalog features.


Save on purchasing a CobraRTP R10 by upgrading your R9!

The integrated processor being the same on the 2 versions of CobraRTP, this extension provides the missing components on a R9 for processing the signals from the new sensors which, coupled with a firmware update, makes it possible to use the new features of the R10:

  • Flex Fuel implementation: the CobraRTP card is now capable of converting the PWM signal from a Flex Fuel sensor (Continental/GM type) into a 0-5V linear output, in order to be able to send this signal to one of the available analog inputs of the OBD1 calculator on HTS software (D10/D12/B6)
    The software can then adjust the overall enrichment of the mapping in real time according to the percentage of E85 detected by the Flex sensor.
  • Implementation of a simple knock detector: coupled with a modern Bosch type knock sensor installed on the engine, it is now possible to monitor engine knock in real time on the HTS Live graph and record it to be able to analyze its occurrence later.


Note: the knock detection system is limited in performance by the OBD1 hardware and HTS software, and therefore does not replace a professional solution.


Optional FlexFuel+Knock harness: in 2 parts (internal + external computer), shielded wire + EV1 Bosch connector for the knock sensor, 3-wire GM/Continental type connector for the Flex Fuel sensor (additional €60)


The extension installs on (and replaces) the AUX connector and the Bluetooth module, the latter being integrated into the extension.


Price includes expansion card, installation + Cobra update, test and return.

By purchasing this product, you agree to send your CobraRTP R9 alone or with the calculator in which it is installed to mirobuilds (the address will be communicated to you by email)

FlexFuel+Knock Extension for CobraRTP R9.0