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All the components you need to perform OBD1 chipping yourself!

Full kit for EDM/USDM rectangle OBD1 ECU


- 1 DIP-28 socket
- 1 DIP-20 socket
- 1 74HC373 latch
- 1 1k ohm resistance (R54)
- 2 MLCC 100nF capacitor (C51 and C52)
- 4 pin headers (CN2)

+ 1 main capacitor 220uF (C14)



- 1 dual-map miro builds chip (choose your color)




Chipping kit for OBD1 ECU (USDM/ EDM)

  • Soldering skills needed for install

  • OBD1 ECU: P06, P28, P30, P72 and other USDM/EDM variants